About Us

About the church:

Carrollton Seventh-day Adventist Church is a group of believers in Jesus Christ who are dedicated to loving God and loving one another as authentically as possible. We come from a variety of backgrounds and many of us have messy histories. But Jesus has found us all and brought us together to practice following Him together. We would love to have you come spend some time with us.

About the pastor:

Pastor James Mello, MSW has been the District Pastor for LaGrange and Carrollton Seventh-day Adventist Churches since June 2022. He is married to the lovely Kyra Mello, and they have four very active children.

Pastor Mello graduated from Andrews University with an MDiv as well as an MSW. He is currently pursuing licensure as a therapist. He has experience as a pastor, chaplain, teacher, and social worker (including foster care and the juvenile justice system). He is trained in trauma-informed therapy and has a passion for bringing healing to those who have experienced the most pain and suffering in this world. He has given numerous presentations on creating trauma-informed churches and schools.

In addition to pastoral ministry, Pastor Mello loves to run, hike, bike, kayak, rock climb, and do pretty much anything else outdoors. He is currently training for his first marathon.

Email: jmello@gccsda.com